Face the Music - Paul Stanley

Face the Music

By Paul Stanley

  • Release Date: 2014-04-08
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 328 Ratings



In Face the Music, Paul Stanley—the co-founder and famous “Starchild” frontman of KISS—reveals for the first time the incredible highs and equally incredible lows in his life both inside and outside the band. Face the Music is the shocking, funny, smart, inspirational story of one of rock’s most enduring icons and the group he helped create, define, and immortalize.

Stanley mixes compelling personal revelations and gripping, gritty war stories that will surprise even the most steadfast member of the KISS Army. He takes us back to his childhood in the 1950s and ’60s, a traumatic time made more painful thanks to a physical deformity. Born with a condition called microtia, he grew up partially deaf, with only one ear. But this instilled in him an inner drive to succeed in the most unlikely of pursuits: music.

With never-before-seen photos and images throughout, Stanley’s memoir is a fully realized and unflinching portrait of a rock star, a chronicle of the stories behind the famous anthems, the many brawls and betrayals, and all the drama and pyrotechnics on and off the stage. Raw and confessional, Stanley offers candid insights into his personal relationships, and the turbulent dynamics with his bandmates over the past four decades. And no one comes out unscathed—including Stanley himself.

“People say I was brave to write such a revealing book, but I wrote it because I needed to personally reflect on my own life. I know everyone will see themselves somewhere in this book, and where my story might take them is why I’m sharing it.” —Paul Stanley


  • I give it a 10

    By Bockshiner
    What a great book about hard work and constant improvement. I grew up loving Kiss and my first concert was 1977 Chicago. My son 1st concert Kiss in Dallas 7-8 years ago. I bought the book because of my interest in Kiss, but Paul’s story is like every great successful person. He overcame many obstacles, had a burning desire to succeed, then went to work. Paul as an author I realize how challenging it is to write a book, thank you for making the time to do it!
  • Wonderful book, Paul

    By Dwb564
    A must-read for any member of the KISS Army.
  • Loved it

    By wyodave
    I grew up listening to the band and still enjoy their music and I was completely drawn in by Paul's writing and storytelling. Hated to get to the last page.
  • RIVETING READ , 5 stars ⭐️

    By cash1130
    KISS lost me after Destroyer , Love Gun was pretty good . Paul's book is GREAT though, and renewed my interest in Kiss , I'm checking out the back catalogue on i tunes now.
  • Paul never disappoints

    By mslefty62
    Paul Stanley proves he is what I believed he was and is. A great rocker, person, and now a Friend from far away. Your book was a true joy and inspiration to read. Thanks Paul! I hope to see you soon in another amazing KISS show.
  • Stanley the man and not the myth

    By Big nose brawler
    Love the book and yes I can relate to bullies I never imagined you would have to deal with such nonsense I guess we all have family problems etc.
  • The Man, The Myth, The Legend

    By cardlink62
    I have been a fan of KISS from the very beginning. Like most original fans, I lost a lot of my interest after Peter, then Ace left, and when they seems to lose their way visually, musically and as a band. I still listened, bought the records (some regretfully) and from time to time saw the shows. I had, like most hardcore fans, formed opinions on many of the decisions that Gene and Paul made throughout the years. Not all of the opinions being very good. After reading this book I now feel that, not only do I know Paul on an almost personal level, I understand the obstacles and challenges he went through to keep himself and the band together. At the very least, I have a better understanding and appreciation for his character. If you have any question as to what happened in Paul's life, in the band and why certain decisions were made, you'll find your answers here. It is my opinion and belief that had it not been for Paul Stanley, KISS would no longer be the force that they are today or possibly not even exist at all. Best book of any of the KISS band members.
  • Star Child becomes A Man!

    By Pie63
    This book helped me teach my tenage son about what helped me through some youthful indiscresions.KISS was a marvel to grow up with! To see the band grow and change was a pleasure. I hope for Peter and ACE the same level of enlightenment that Pauls has found! Great family Paul, you did good! Proud of you!
  • Top Notch Rock and Roll Autobiography

    By Studly Field Mouse
    "Rock Star" Paul Stanley opens up and tells all the relevant details of his life going back to early childhood. I applaud his courage for being willing to tell the world about his screwed up family and his deformed right ear as well as being brutally candid about his relationship with the other members of KISS. So now my heart goes out to him not just for having to live with the pathological egomania of Gene Simmons who by the way, all but ruined kiss for me with his relentless narcissism. The only significant fault I find with the book is, Paul claims that in 1974 he visited Memphis, TN and drove by Graceland, finding it so unimpressive that he decided not to take the tour. Problem? Elvis did not die until 1977 and Graceland wasn't open to tours until about 1982.
  • KISS

    By Kat4661
    I am getting my book no I love it.