Claire Malloy Mysteries 1-3 - Joan Hess

Claire Malloy Mysteries 1-3

By Joan Hess

  • Release Date: 2017-05-09
  • Genre: Women Sleuths


In the small and colorful town of Farberville, Arkansas, widow and single mother Claire Malloy struggles with keeping her small local bookstore in the black, with the drama of her young teenage daughter Caron (WHO SPEAKS IN ALL CAPS), the handsome local police Lt. Peter Rosen, and murder. And at least for those puzzling murder investigations, there's a solution—one that she's determined to uncover.

Strangled Prose
Mildred, author of a smutty new romance, is found murdered after a party at Claire’s bookstore. Claire is left wondering who could have hated Mildred with such passion, but soon finds that the romances contained as much fact as fiction—and perhaps hold the clue to the killer’s identity!

The Murder at the Mimosa Inn
Claire brings her petulant daughter Caron along to a mock-murder weekend at the charming Mimosa Inn. But fiction becomes alarmingly real as the mock-victim isn’t just playing dead—he’s really been murdered. More determined than ever to find the killer, Claire combs the grounds of the country inn for this most unwelcome guest.

Dear Miss Demeanor
The scandals mount in Farberville when a respected teacher is fired for pilfering petty cash and suggestive letters are sent to the local advice columnist. Claire Malloy, working undercover to investigate the possible embezzlement, finds herself in the thick of it all when the high school principal is murdered and the killer is still on the loose.