Shafted - Jordan Marie


By Jordan Marie

  • Release Date: 2017-01-14
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 44 Ratings


She’s barely legal. He’s more than twice her age. 

None of it matters. 

He’s about to show her why he’s nicknamed SHAFT


Until Jax, I’ve never even had an interest in boys. 

That’s just the thing though. Jax isn’t a boy.

He’s all man. 

First, I gave him my innocence. 

Second, I gave him my heart. 

But when my family finds out about us…

I just hope I don’t get him killed. 


She’s the granddaughter of a rival club’s President.

She’s barely legal and way too innocent for me. 

I’m too old. Too hardened by life, but one taste of her and it’s too late.

I’ve claimed her as my own. 

And I’ll die before I let anyone take her away from me. 

Unfortunately, it might just come to that. 

Bree says we’re soul mates. 

Fated for each other. 

When I’m staring down the barrel of a gun about to lose everything--

It seems like fate might have given me the shaft.

A complete Stand Alone Novel. Can be read without reading the others in the series.  


  • Great addition to the series

    By DSPrice63
    I had been dying for another book in the Devil's Blaze MC series to come out and Shafted was definitely worth the anticipation. We got to catch up with all of our favorite characters from the series and find new ones to fall in love with. Shaft (Jax) is a 40 something that as blazes biker that never wanted to settle down with one woman. That is until the day that 18 year old Bree (Aubree) saunters into the Devil's Blaze clubhouse looking for her aunts, Beth and Katie. It's love at first sight for Shaft but he knows that with her uncles as his Prez and VP not to mention Tucker, the President of a rival MC, as her grandfather, acting on that attraction is like signing his own death warrant. Never count out a determined woman though and Bree is definitely determined to make Shaft hers. This is a great book to catch us up on the existing characters and to introduce new ones such as Keys. I can't wait to hear his story. But next up is Beast, the man who has held a special place in my heart since the explosion. I'm just counting down now until the next book. I received an advanced readers copy for an honest review.
  • Crazy love

    By Dana Hoffman
    I couldn't wait to read this book. I had missed Skull&Co sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! I had crushed on Torch forever and it was so cool to see that he was still super funny, and Katie was still the bomb haha Shaft's story took us back to the Devil's Blaze MC and we started where we had left off with Skull and Torch's kids having a birthday party together at the end of book 3 in the Skull and Beth saga. And Shaft is there. I have to admit that I could not remember this man for the life of me from the previous books. I guess I had been too focused on loving Skull, hating Skull, loving Torch, loving Skull, crazy loving Torch. So pretty much nobody else existed but those two. Shaft is 40, he sees Bree, who happens to be 18 and still in high school. They have a connection and decide to pursue it. And, because of that, lots and lots of drama comes their way. They get hit (in Shaft's situation, quite literally) from every direction while they are trying to convince the world that they know what they are doing and that they are destined to be together. There was a little bit of an eek factor for me due to the fact that they both loved it that she was calling him Daddy during sex. I had to totally ignore that so that I could enjoy the really hot sex those two were having. There is also a happy ending and very cute epilogue. Now I am ready for Beast, even more so than before. I want Beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!
  • So HOT and Amazing!!

    By Jenn_Allen
    Another AMAZING read!! I was absolutely pulled in to Bree and Jax's story. He is older, set in his ways, very alpha and just what Bree needs. She is young, innocent and has grown up hidden away in a rival MC. They have a deep connection that you can feel. There is a bit of danger that keeps you on your toes and an intense heat that has you fanning yourself! Loved the story, great flow, love catching up with other characters and looking forward to more to come. This is an absolute MUST read! I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
  • Love this author!!!!

    By rholub
    I discovered Jordan Marie almost two years ago. For a while I was slow reading each new release. Now, I get them and read them as soon as they come out!!! Her characters are well thought out, with lots of depth. I laugh, cry, and sometimes I even want to yell when I read her books. This one was no different. Bree might be very young in years, but she has lived longer in those years than many people twice her age. And when she meets Jax (Shaft), she knows he is the one for her, no matter what her family might think, or that he is old enough to be her father. Jax is at a point in his life where he's lost interest in almost everything. He's starting to feel like maybe something is missing in his life. And then he sees her, and for the first time in a long time he's suddenly interested in something! But this something could get him killed!!! This book had some very unexpected twists to it and I CAN NOT WAIT for the next book in the series!!!!
  • Hot Hot Hot

    By Armie2327
    This book was HOT HOT HOT!! I love the insta love that happens in this book.
  • Wow!

    By cg26
    This is the continuation of the Devils Blaze series and it was great to get to spend some time with the boys again. Torch is my favorite, I just love him and I wasn't sure what to think of Shaft at first but after seeing everything he want through to have his woman, I couldn't help but fall for him. Once he made up his mind, he was completely devoted and that was soooo sexy! Can't wait for more, and I really want Beast to find some happiness, that man hurts my heart! 💔
  • Jordan Burned It Up

    By Macecase Mom
    Highly recommend this book. It has ups and downs, crying and laughing at times too. I don't want to give any of it away. Well worth the read. Jordan again captures your attention and has you not wanting to put the book down.
  • 5 Stars!!! Loved it!!!

    By Sampson2010
    And the Devil's Blaze is back with a bang!! Shaft aka Jax is a 40 yr old biker who falls for Skull's much much younger niece who also happens to belong to another biker gang. But once he sees Bree there is no staying away, she calls to him like a siren and he needs to make her his no matter what the consequences. And it wouldn't be the Jordan Marie books we know and love without scorching hot sexy times, a super hot controlling alpha and lots of action and suspense! I love the chemistry between Jax and Bree and how their relationship progresses. Jax will fight for his woman until his last breath so get ready to fall in love with this sexy domineering biker because I couldn't put this book down and I am ready to read it all over again! 5 Amazingly Hot Stars!!!!
  • Oh my hot hot hot

    By Dessi567
    This book will literally have you melting on the spot in hotness alone, not only that it makes you go through emotions, it's all in the feels. Bree and Jax have their hurdles, her being an MC princess and him being an older man, the uphill climb is spicy hot and even has some amazing romance written too! I can't wait to see what else this author has in store!
  • Jax and Bree

    By penny42058
    I loved Jax and Aubrey's story. This book made me laugh, smile, cry, and cheer. Bree is a little spitfire that let Denise have it and she so deserved it. Even though Jax is twice Bree's age, they make the perfect couple. Then, Jordan Marie threw in some suspense and nailed it. I also loved how protective Jax is. If you're looking for a new BBF, then one-click Shafted.