The Rogue and I - Eva Devon

The Rogue and I

By Eva Devon

  • Release Date: 2015-06-28
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4.5
From 151 Ratings


When the Prince isn't so charming!

A Lady Ready for Battle:

Miss Harriet Trent once made the mistake of falling completely, totally, and irreversibly in love with a duke’s son. It’s a mistake she won’t repeat twice. Truly. Especially since he abandoned her just when they were about to elope to Gretna Green. Five years later, Harriet hasn’t forgotten the way Lord Garret’s smoldering gaze and wicked sense of humor touched her soul. Still, there’s no way she’ll forgive the traitorous libertine, no matter how he stirs her passions. Now, Harriet is determined to show him she doesn’t care, and never did, by making merry right under his nose but a tragic turn of events at her cousin’s wedding has her wondering if just maybe, love deserves one last chance. 

A Lord Who Lost His Heart:

Lord Garret Hart, second son of a duke and now brother to the present Duke of Huntsdown, is never ever EVER getting married. Bachelorhood is for him. After all, women are the very devil. Especially one woman. Miss Harriet Trent is Garret’s own personal Medusa and she has turned his heart to stone. Indeed she has, but not before she absolutely ripped it to shreds, leaving him a complete wreck. Nothing will ever induce him to matrimony or nauseating protestations of boyish love again. But when he is forced into close proximity at his brother’s wedding with the woman who first taught him to dream and see the world as a wondrous place, sparks flash and passions explode. Still, Harriet is not to be trusted. She callously betrayed him once. So how can he ever allow himself another chance at love when love always seems to hurt so much?


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  • The rogue and I

    By Dottieguionnaud
    I couldn't put this story down. Loved the characters.
  • The Rouge & I

    By Pandie1
    It was an easy book to read, I read it within a day. As it was titled a historical romance, I feel the author got lost between historical and modern day life. Over all though I did enjoy the book.
  • Good book.

    By ClaudiaS1234
    Previous comments mention that it is simply a copy of Much Ado About Nothing. I have not read that, so i enjoyed this book. it was well written, the characters were likeable, and there were a few twists. If you are a fan of the Shakespeare novel and don’t wish to read a similar version of it, then don’t read this.
  • Too closely resembles Much Ado

    By aramintahart
    It's a fun read. But it's basically scene for scene Much Ado About Nothing with name changes. Beatrice and Benedict are Harriet and Garret now. The Prince is now a Duke and he even has a bastard brother. There's even a masked ball. If you had ever seen or read Shakespeare's Much Ado you know exactly how this will end. I applaud the author for trying to reimagine a great work like this, but bring some originality to it.
  • The rouge and I

    By Foreveroctober20
    Nice book but closely resembles Shakespeare's much ado about nothing